Riverside to Indio

OK – So we promise not to send these out every day as it could get pretty boring after awhile, but these first 6-7 days will be quite eventful.

Today was hard to imagine… first we started the day in 55 degree weather and ended the day where it was 112 degrees !!!

What made today tough was wind, heat and hills.

We started the day with a 3.5 mile hill only to follow that one with a 5.4 mile hill.  Julie flew up the hills passing and talking to everyone – Ed, on the other hand, learned that he could maintain a 4.5-6.5 mph speed uphill… considering an average walker is 4 mph… well, you get the idea.  Ed just blames it on living and training in FLAT Florida.

The look of relief when the hills are over!

After we left our organized stop after the hill climbing, we were greeted with a downhill grade AND wind at our backs.  We cycled in towns, rural roads, frontage roads and even on I-10.  At one point (downhill) we hit over 40mph.  We actually road for over 10 miles on a FLAT road without peddling because the wind was so strong on our backs.

Below is a picture we took while we were “in the wind”.  The snow capped mountains in the background and windmills in the foreground.

Windmill Country

A couple minutes later, the Union Pacific came by, tooted his horn to say, “hi”.

The last 18 miles were HOT and for 7 miles we had the wind in our face and only could hit 8-10mph.

Total miles: 84 (Actually it was 85 because we made wrong turn but found the error FAST).  Tomorrow — 101 miles in the desert plus an 11 mile climb.  We can’t wait !!!

Has anyone reading this ever cycled 100 miles in the desert?  All suggestions are welcomed !!!



16 thoughts on “Riverside to Indio

  1. Wow!!! All I can say is wow!!! You two are awesome!!! I know you’ll be tired at the end of each day, but please keep us informed whenever you have some time.

  2. Every day, please!

    Stay hydrated, don’t wait until you are thirsty. Use your hydration pack to drink and the contents of your water bottles to pour on your heads and jerseys. Eat salty snacks at the SAG stops.

    Jim XC09

  3. Ed, you are not as young as Julie nor as in good shape! No wonder she is flying by you. But then again, your sister would not even attempt this so hats off to you.

  4. Yes…Drink allot of water and electrolytes….Where a bandanna under your helmet and wet it…Your could squirt some water on your head through the cracks in the helmet…Also if there are water stops where you can run some ice water on your upper wrist that cools you down…

  5. Eddie – wow!
    100 miles in the desert? Nope, not me…
    Be safe my dear friend…and may that wind be at your back….love you, T

  6. Yes, Ed, my son Scott cycled in the desert. You may have read about it in his book,
    One More Horizon. He ran out of water. Thats the big suggestion: Take enough
    water. And the best sunscreen possible. Lois

  7. OMGoodness you are AMAZING….. 100 miles in Flagler is about the closest I have done…. nothing like your journey!! Yes, – everyday – we want to know what it is like EVERYDAY!!

  8. Julie I am here is Tempe thinking of you as you ride through the desert. I am in awe of what you’re doing. I think about all the people who can not walk and that would give me the boost to keep on truckin’ and how fortunate you are to have a strong mind an body. I love the pics, so keep us posted. Be safe!!

  9. Great blog and Great photos! I feel like I’ll be getting my own journey across the US, so I don’t mind a post everyday, or every other day.
    A few years ago my Dad and I did about 40 miles on the Clermont-Apopka bike trail, we thought that was a pretty big deal. I will say that on my ‘To Do’ list is a century ride.
    Have fun and safe travels

  10. Let’s go Julie, let’s go. OK for starters, I don’t know if you can carry enough water to get you through 101 miles of desert. It is already 102 degrees in Vegas and you are way further south. Oh and the weather forecast is predicting 40-50 m/h winds. I just hope they are at your back. I really wish you the best, because it is going to be hot. Love the blogs.


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