Central New Mexico Is Beautiful

Gallup to Grants

Here is our route through New Mexico

Our CrossRoads Cycling Route
New Mexico

As you can see from these pictures, every direction is like a post card.  These first pictures are from Red Rock Park.

Thirty miles up the road was our SAG stop located at the Continental Divide.  This is a beautiful spot, again with amazing views.

Continental Divide

Continental Divide Pic # 2

Our Second Highest Point on the Ride

Pat and Cindy were our riding partners today.  Both of these ladies (along with their husbands) are professional skydivers.  Each of them have thousands of jumps… even from hot air balloons.

Pat & Cindy

We’ve now cycled over 780 miles over the past 11 days; that’s now more than anything we’ve ever done before.    WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU STRETCHED YOURSELF BEYOND YOUR PREVIOUS LIMITS?


2 thoughts on “Central New Mexico Is Beautiful

  1. I am so proud of the two of you—you would think I was your mother! Keep up the great work, enjoy, and may the beautiful rays of sun keep shining with you inside and out! love & light–cw

  2. Always Amazed! Glad you both are doing well and having an amazing time! What a ride. How are the legs holding up? Last time I strecthed myself athletically was last August in my marathon training when I ran 71 miles in one week. I was surprised that my legs held up so well, however I had to build up to it. I made it an adventure, and it was! The updates are great!

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