Here are the stats for our ride.  We have received the information regarding our fellow cyclists, itineraries, hotels and highlights.  Below is much of this information.

Cross Country Cyclists

Group Size:  22 riders coast-to-coast

17 males / 5 females

Average age:  61                                                                       

Oldest cyclist: 71

Youngest:  48 (Julie is actually the 2nd youngest rider in our group)

Miscellaneous Info

Oceans: 2

Weeks:  7

Miles:  3,415                

State Line Crossings:  15

Miles per day:  80 average

Number of rain days:  3.2 ave (but we’re creating zero)

Longest day:  To Wickenburg, AZ  116 miles

Shortest day:  To Liberal, KS  41 miles

Elevation Statistics

Total elevation gain:  90,039′ (Climbing)

Elevation gain per day:  2,046′ (Average)

Day with most elevation gain:  to Prescott, AZ  5,546′ of climbing

Day with least elevation gain:  to Guymon, OK  155′ of climbing

Highest elevation:  Glorieta Pass, NM  7,570′ above sea leval

Lowest elevation:  Indio, CA  14′ below sea level


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